Freight Forwarding Software

BoxOn clearly understands the need for automation of the processes when it comes to effectively managing the freight operations. With this ideology, BoxOn Freight Forwarding Software has been designed and developed in order to fully assist the Freight Forwarding companies to move on successfully with their business operations. We have invested our years of research into what can be the best solution for the Freight Forwarding companies that can fully streamline the business tasks and bring in the results that companies expect.Read More »

BoxOn P.O. Box Software

BoxOn P.O. Box Software is the world’s first true SaaS solution for every client, that is looking to streamline their logistics operations tasks in an effective manner in order to achieve higher success in their business. Boxon makes it easier to track packages online. No matter how many orders you may receive and how many goods are there to be delivered, you can easily keep track of everything and move on seamlessly. It will help resolve the difficulties faced when keeping track of goods being delivered to clients residing in other countries outside your origin place of businesss. This software is specifically designed and developed to make it easier for companies to receive cargo directly from the carriers or to give out receipts for warehouse tasks, house waybills, air waybills and B/L etc. Read More »

Courier Software

BoxOn Courier Software is innovatively being designed and developed for the courier companies. No matter whether you are a small company or a big company, our courier software can rightly fits your requirements. Our software can really sort out all your problems related to diurnal workload or anything related to your warehouse management tasks or container operations etc. Read More »

Warehouse Management Software

BoxOn WMS (Warehouse Management System) is a solution to all your warehouse management tasks. It is a software which can make it possible for the clients to handle anything which under the sphere of warehouse management. It is a software which can be used across multiple branches and can allow the business owners to have a full control over multi-channel operations. It is the software that can work for you beyond traditional boundaries and can help you innovatively move on to manage warehouse operations with no flaw at all. It is a software which can provide you clear-cut reports on transportation or delivery of the goods from the storage centers to the end destinations etc. Read More »