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Do I have to buy, build or manage servers to run BoxOn Logistics?

Well, you do not have to. BoxOn Logistics has been designed and developed making use of the latest Cloud Technology and delivers the logistics solutions for the clients across the globe. It is a web-based software and you do not have to have a server to run or use our software. Just make use of our software to streamline your logistics operations without being burdened by server maintenance issues.

Is BoxOn available on SaaS and On-Premises Model?

Yes, BoxOn is available for the customers as Software-as-a-Service and On-Premises Model as well. You can choose any model which suits your business or your budget.

Can it be possible to integrate Warehouse Data into Freight Forward / P.O. Box Software you provide?

Yes, it can be very much possible for you to integrate your warehouse data into Freight Forwarding Software or the P.O. Box Software we offer.  Our products are being designed and developed to make it possible for the organizations to share varied data across multiple business sectors.

I am running a small company, is BoxOn right for me?

BoxOn is for all-sized companies. No matter, whether you are running a small company or a big company, our cloud-based, web-based logistics software can be the right solution for you.

Can it be possible to create own Airway Bills?

Yes, BoxOn Software can help you in creating own Airway Bills too. This software is being integrated with highly standardized logistics bill templates which you can use. You can have the option to create your own customized bills as well by replacing your company logo, office address or contact information etc.

Does BoxOn provide Tracking for the shipment?

Yes, it provides full details as to where the package is or when it has been dispatched or where it will be delivered etc.

Can I migrate my business data into the BoxOn?

Yes, you can. Boxon is the only software for the logistics companies which can help them transform their data using DTS templates.

Is any SMS Module integrated in BoxOn Logistics Software? Will my customers get any SMS on tracking?

Yes, BoxOn has an  SMS module which can help the organizations in keeping their customers updated. It automatically sends SMS to keep your customers informed all the time.

Is my transaction secure on cloud?

Yes, your transactions are 100% secure. You do not have to be worried over online theft. BoxOn is hosted on a reliable and secured network, monitored (and are under constant surveillance) by our certified team of professional engineers.

Can I manage rates? How? Does BoxOn Logistics has rule-based engine to define rates?

The answer we have is YES. With BoxOn, you can easily manage rates. Ours is a highly rule-based software with the most dynamically flexible and robust rating engines. The organizations can enhance their business revenue with better control over costs, better quotes or bid etc.

The rates can be altered anytime you want to as per the business market. You can even identify trends and patterns based on buying behavior, frequency, demographics or other inseparably crucial factors.

What is the most unique thing about BoxOn Logistics?

Well, it has many features and qualities but if you want to know what is the most unique thing about the software then here goes the answer. It has been designed to perfectly eliminate the inefficiencies in logistics operations. It is being designed to adapt to the changing work environment. You can bring changes as and when you want so as to fully suit your business requirements. We do not offer “One-For-All” kind of software as we understand that each organization may have different requirements.

Can you tell me something about the technology behind BoxOn?

BoxOn has been designed and developed, making use of the latest technology which comprises Microsoft Framework, Windows Communication Foundation, Web Services etc. Cloud environment is integrated with SSL to be PCI Compliance. Boxon Cloud-based Logistics Solutions are device-compatible.

Is BoxOn easier to be used by one and all? Are there any training videos?

BoxOn is highly user-friendly. It can just be very much easier for anyone to start making use of our software by taking a bit of training. Our BoxOn packages will come with ONE Day Administrative Training and TWO Days Transactional Training. These trainings are available for our customers as per their convenience. Our certified engineers will always be ready to help you more about its functionality.