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About Us

Imagine you are looking to purchase a home. You need to find one that has the right number of rooms, in the right neighborhood and with the proper features that meet the needs of you and your family. You find a lot of good homes but they are either short one bedroom, outside the right school district, or need too many updates. Rather than finding the perfect pre-built home, what if you started with a plot of land in your desired location? From there, the architecture is designed around the needs of you and your family, rather than the other way around. This is the primary principle behind BoxOn.

At BoxOn, we understand the complexities of logistics, distribution and manufacturing and realized that a “one size fits all” application would not meet the needs of the market. So we abandoned the traditional software model and built a customizable framework, a solution in which unique rules? could be built for any business: rules that drive your existing internal processes, rules that keep your business organized, rules that meet the needs of your customers.

Each BoxOn implementation begins with a real analysis of your business processes. Our experts work with you to understand the issues you are dealing with, where you are facing inefficiencies and where technology can make a difference. We then work to set up the rules in the application around your existing systems so you don`t have to build your systems around the software.

“At BoxOn…We don`t want to change your business, we just want to make it better”

The BoxOn Story

“BoxOn is fundamentally different from all other logistics softwares on the market today.”

At BoxOn, we are often asked how we came up with the idea behind this application. The answer is simple. We build applications as if we were to use them ourselves.
BoxOn is the culmination of many years of rules-based application development and testing. It is built on the notion of leverage not of building an application but rather building an application framework in which custom applications can be built. It is a set of tools that developers can use to build customized solutions. BoxOn, in simple terms, is a software which is made to simplify the tasks and help organizations gain full control over everything related to their logistics operations.
BoxOn Logistics Software was built with a focus on how to make it possible for logistics companies to have a customized set of rules and functionality to match their existing business operation. This is fundamentally different from all other logistics softwares on the market today. With other softwares, functions are built into the software and modules built on top, but they cannot be easily customized or changed, forcing you to modify your business practices to match the way the application works. With BoxOn, business owners now have the opportunity to fully adapt to the changes which take place organically in the way they carry out their business without actually re-programming or re-customizing the software. In doing so, they can easily adapt to create technology changes which fully mirror their requirements and overcome the challenges in their business.