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Freight Forwarding Software

Experience the evolution of freight forwarding. Upgrade your software to keep
up with the times. Introducing the Boxon Freight Platform - a game-changing
suite of automation solutions designed for modern freight forwarders.

Freight Forwarding Software:

BoxOn clearly understands the need for automation of the processes when it comes to effective management of freight operations. With this ideology, the BoxOn Freight Forwarding Software has been designed and developed in order to fully assist Freight Forwarding Companies to move on successfully with their business operations.


We have invested years of research into what can be the best solution for Freight Forwarding Companies so they can fully streamline business tasks and bring about the results they expect with our freight forwarder software. Our efforts and profound understanding of the Freight Forwarding industry has taken us to the level of bringing up the most innovative freight management system software to perfectly address the requirements of each and every Freight Forwarding Company.

Digital Freight Platform for Advanced Freight Forwarding

BoxOn Freight logistics software gives you the insight and automation you need to succeed in today’s cutthroat global shipping industry, from Purchase Orders and Quotations to Shipments, Invoices, and much more. With an intuitive online gateway, you may gain customer loyalty while also enjoying the advantages of greater productivity, lower expenses, and an exciting possibility to expand your freight management system of the company.

1. Provide the customer with a better experience

It is necessary to satisfy the wants and demands of the customer. Organizations may deliver customized experiences and real-time shipment information with the help of 3pl freight software. You can provide your consumers with a whole new experience by changing your services and business procedures.

2. Avoiding costs

A low-cost and simple approach can be used to switch to cloud-based solutions. The platform makes it simple to move all your data from your current old systems. The expensive capital investment is also removed by abandoning data centers and switching to cloud-based solutions.

3. Improving operational effectiveness

You can easily streamline your workflows and processes with the help of the software you’ve put in place for your business, which will provide you with total visibility across the board.

4. Removes cyber threats and data loss

Strict security measures can be implemented with current freight forwarding software, reducing the likelihood of data loss.

To ensure everything works properly and to manage the entire process, they organize for the various supply chain participants to perform their duties by bringing them in at the appropriate times and for specific tasks.

What makes BoxOn the best software for freight forwarding available?

With BoxOn freight forwarder software, you can seamlessly integrate your company’s processes, functions, employees, clients, and data. BoxOn covers all facets of your freight forwarding business. Many freight forwarders worldwide rely on BoxOn freight software, which has more than 18 years of experience in the freight forwarding software industry.

Our main goal is to assist suppliers of logistics services in expanding their operations through the automation, digitization, and simplification of time-consuming business procedures. With Logistics Software , all these procedures are made significantly quicker and more effective, from the reception, storage, and transportation of goods to the submission of vital air waybills, bills of lading, and customs documentation.

Listed are a few of the main characteristics of our freight management software that make it the best in the logistics sector:  

  • Reduce the amount of time spent working by using tools for invoicing and collection.  
  • Using the e-way bills program, keep track of all significant events, invoices, and accounts.
  • With profit/loss analysis tools, keep an eye on the important financials of your freight forwarding activities.

Are you restricted by an outdated freight forwarding system?

It takes careful coordination across the whole length and breadth of the supply chain to successfully carry out activities and duties in the logistics sector. Sadly, many companies continue to use antiquated 3pl freight software that was created for outdated frameworks and technologies, which limit efficiency. A legacy application is an “information system that may be based on outdated technologies, but is vital to day-to-day operations,” according to Gartner. Modern cloud-based freight forwarding software is more competitive than legacy systems.

To deliver a shipment to its destination, you must interact with numerous systems, as a freight forwarder, you are aware of this. Diverse data sources, including customs organizations and multiple agents, frequently call for duplicate human data entry, which slows down everything and kills your productivity. Also, keeping a dated or in-house developed freight management system operational is a waste of valuable resources that has no positive impact on the growth of your company. 

Business transactions conducted over the phone and over email, as well as those involving complex spreadsheets and switching between countless browser tabs, are just insufficient nowadays. Add the features you need to modernize your company so it may expand and meet its objectives. You will have all the tools you require to impress your consumers and get ready for a promising future thanks to BoxOn’s incredible features, Request A Boxon Demo

The BoxOn Network May Help You Speed Up Your Representative Workflows

An integrated freight forwarding software system that handles every part of the operation of freight forwarding is often referred to as a modern freight forwarding system. It is cloud-hosted, so it is accessible from any connected device, anywhere in the world, and was created to take advantage of the most recent technologies to automate various freight procedures, increasing efficiency.

With the right freight management software in place, you can easily optimize your workflows and procedures, providing you with total company visibility. Your staff members will also have simple access to all the information, enabling them to work remotely, which will boost productivity.

Building a more resilient company in the face of limited capacity, high rates, and other difficulties requires expanding your network of partners. You may instantaneously exchange documents and data on the BoxOn Network with your business partners and agents who already use BoxOn, giving you access to a more simplified, secure, and effective method of conducting business. 

Features of Freight Management Software

  • Alerts
  • Inventory Management
  • Warhouse Management
  • With Out Warehouse
  • Consolidation for Customer
  • Repacking for Customer
  • Routing
  • Storage Charges
  • Add On Invoices
  • Agency Rates
  • Carrier Rates
  • Storage Rates
  • Fuel Charges
  • Line Huel Charges
  • QuickBooks
  • Liquidation
  • Authorized.net
  • Pay Pal
  • Stripe
  • Driver Tracking
  • Post Articles
  • Associate /Deassociate
  • Fit To Box
  • All AWB/BOL
  • Manifest
  • Reports
  • PromoCode/Coupon codes
  • Quick Service Utility
  • Quick Transaction Utility
  • Barcode scan
  • Quotation
  • Pickup Order
  • Transitional Bill Form
  • Booking
  • Plans
  • Ticketing
  • Help
  • Audit Log
  • Moment Log
  • Email Template
  • Driver Assigning
  • Storage Charges
  • Correction Advice
  • Invoices
  • Shipments
  • Package Tracking
  • Shopper Assist
  • Payments
  • Inventory
  • Language Settings
  • Page Settings
  • User Permissions
  • Email Validation
  • Task Reminders
  • Customized Customer Portal
  • Document Repository
  • Zebra
  • USB Scanner
  • Android Mobile Scanner
  • Star
  • Warehouse management
  • Multiple Address
  • Consolidation
  • RePacking
  • Calculator
  • Language Translation
  • Chatting
  • Notifications
  • Customer Rates
  • Delivery
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Sales Agent
  • Last Mileage
  • Destination Agent
  • Agent Commission
  • Agent Reports
  • Bussiness Customers
  • Project Request Form
  • Inventory Management
  • Driver Notification
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