About BoxOn Freight Forwarding Software

BoxOn clearly understands the need for automation of the processes when it comes to effective management of freight operations. With this ideology, the BoxOn Freight Forwarding Software has been designed and developed in order to fully assist Freight Forwarding Companies to move on successfully with their business operations. We have invested years of research into what can be the best solution for Freight Forwarding Companies so they can fully streamline business tasks and bring about the results they expect. Our efforts and profound understanding of the Freight Forwarding industry has taken us to the level of bringing up the most innovative software to perfectly address the requirements of each and every Freight Forwarding Company.

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  • Individual password logins with varied abilities
  • Quotation module with transfer to live job
  • Store international ports and airports for quick entry
  • Storage of commodity codes and descriptions
  • Quick consolidation with automatic manifest creation
  • Palletize lines of goods
  • Full collection / delivery notes or by individual line of goods
  • Purchase costs recorded by job status of all jobs easily found
  • Chargeable weight automatically calculated based on mode of transport
  • Sales invoices for jobs, clients or client per period
  • Sales and purchase invoices transferable to accounts packages that accept importing Store full or partial payments of jobs
  • Management can view reports instantly created showing operational status
  • Profit and loss of shipment, consolidation or project
  • All documents may be PDF emailed or printed
  • Create barcode labels Dangerous Goods notes
  • Commercial invoice creation
  • Vessel detail listed
  • MAWB and HAWB valued independently
  • MAWB numbers stored for each shipment
  • Online Tracking & Online Purchase Order management

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What They’re Saying

Some kind words from our awesome clients

“BoxOn Freight Forwarding is at the core of our business and has been since we adopted it two years back . It provides the solid basis that enables us to move all the freight we handle anywhere in the world, be it by land, air or sea. BoxOn is truly an innovative freight forwarding software and logistics software which fulfills all technical solutions and can be much more suitable for all or any international freight forwarder(s) and logistics provider(s).”

Raul E. Reveron | President

Pelham Services Inc.

Other Benefits!


Quickbooks Integration

With as much as 90% of U.S. businesses using Quickbooks accounting software, feeding your invoicing data from your logistics software has never been easier. BoxOn has the solution


Ticketing System Module

Stop putting out fires and start getting ahead of customer issues. Our Ticketing System Module customer support is brought to entirely new level where customer complaints and other issues are easily tracked and resolved


Multi Carrier Module

Within this module Freight Forwarding BoxOn users can now quickly assess rates & capabilities from a variety of carriers to make efficient & cost-effective real-time decisions, without a multitude of windows or softwares

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