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Fulfillment Center

Boxon Fullfilment Center module is designed to help fullfilment centers manage important requirements such as vendor management, inventory management, item warehouse location management and more


Ticketing System Module

Stop putting out fires and start getting ahead of customer issues. Our Ticketing System Module customer support is brought to entirely new level where customer complaints and other issues are easily tracked and resolved


Quickbooks Integration

With as much as 90% of U.S. businesses using Quickbooks accounting software, feeding your invoicing data from your logistics software has never been easier. BoxOn has the solution


Multi Carrier Module

Within this module Freight Forwarding BoxOn users can now quickly assess rates & capabilities from a variety of carriers to make efficient & cost-effective real-time decisions, without a multitude of windows or softwares

Great feedback from our clients


  • Raul E. Reveron | President Pelham Services Inc.

    “ BoxOn Freight Forwarding is at the core of our business and has been since we adopted it two years back . It provides the solid basis that enables us to move all the freight we handle anywhere in the world, be it by land, air or sea. BoxOn is truly an innovative freight forwarding software and logistics software which fulfills all technical solutions and can be much more suitable for all or any international freight forwarder(s) and logistics provider(s). ”

  • Jeremy Hansen | CEO American eBox

    “ BoxOn helped us to categorize our customers and charge based on the plan they choose during the online registration process. ”

  • Aileen Abello Rivera | Operations Manager ABE Cargo

    “ We like this application as it helps to configure the settings by ourselves without a programmer’s help and can control the misuse of by passing the shipment process unlike other softwares.”

  • Claudio Praverso | CEO/President Global EBox

    “ BoxOn made it very easy for us to integrate our P.O. Box systems with our U.S. Freight Forwarding partner since we weren’t being asked to change our way of doing business. ”

  • Josh Burnley | President Shweebo

    ” With BoxOn, we were able to get rid of redundancies in data entry related tasks,
    improve management of the quotes, update information processing and better manage our data in general “

  • Jaime Basagoitia | GM TransExpress

    “ BoxOn was fundamental in helping us to not only get control of our customer account information and billing but was the catalyst that allowed us to automate our entire operation. This set us on a path to exponential growth ”

Frequently Asked Questions

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No. You may choose a plan which suits your needs or have one of our representatives meet with you and help you find the right plan for you.

Can I switch plans later?

Absolutely. You can switch between our paid plans, or cancel your account altogether, whenever you’d like. We will adjust any payments accordingly.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept payments from MasterCard, Visa, Visa Debit and American Express. We do not accept PayPal. Remember, you do not need to supply card details to start your free trial.