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Cargo Software

Elevate your cargo management with our advanced Cargo software solution.
Seamlessly streamline your logistics operations, track shipments in real-time,
and optimize your operations for maximum efficiency.

Cargo software:

BoxOn Cargo Software is innovatively being designed and developed for Cargo Companies. No matter whether you are a small company or a big company, our cargo software fits your requirements. Our software can really sort out your daily workload problems or anything related to your warehouse management tasks, container operations, and more. 

These systems are additionally created to meet a variety of needs, like managing a warehouse, revenue, or other elements. Management software now offers real-time data for tracking without any lag due to technological improvement. 

What makes BoxOn the industry's top Cargo software?

You may affect change in the world by being that change. Dare to be original.  The cost savings offered by cargo software are its most important benefits. With cloud-based and optimized procedures, human participation is minimal, and the workforce is reduced. In addition to increasing revenue, the solutions also help to shorten the duration of various operations.

People turn to you because you have the capacity to scale swiftly and effectively in response to changes in demand and other market circumstances. To support your company in streamlining the numerous supply chain phases and customizing your services to meet the various needs of your clients, you need the appropriate Fulfillment Software . 

The Cargo Shipping System makes air cargo management simple by reducing human mistakes. Large amounts of data are subject to error and manual processing takes time. The Cargo solutions efficiently process data, saving time and labour. Tracking shipments is another step in the procedure. The shipment, route, and delivery of the cargo are all updated in real time by the cargo software. The process is simplified by the system, which also allows for mobile tracking.

Yet, the market for cargo software has a wide range of choices. Making a decision that will have such a profound effect on your business operations and your clients can be overwhelming.

Have you got the best cargo software to accommodate your expansion?


At BoxOn, we combine the clients’ business with organizational strategies by utilizing the newest software and technology. Whether you want to update and automate your warehouses or build a solid technological foundation for all your logistics operations, BoxOn will collaborate with you to create the best solution to suit your specific requirements.

The solution ensures that money leakage and task duplication are prevented for improved management while also assisting in boosting efficiency and revenue. One of the most known and esteemed forms of transportation is air cargo. The reduction and management of shipping costs are further aided by the need for good planning and resources for effective cargo software.

Increase your growth with BoxOn Logistics

One of the most known and highly regarded forms of transportation is cargo shipping software. Planning and resource allocation must be done properly to create effective cargo management software, which also aids in lowering and managing shipping costs. Systems of the future would plan and research every step of the logistics process, offering only the finest options.

Technology has made it easier to trace and process freight, which further guarantees total openness. The latest technologies provide real-time, delay-free shipment information. Clients receive all updates via software or applications from the time the order is placed until it is delivered in full. 

With the ability to rapidly exchange documents and data, you can work more effectively, securely, and smoothly with your partners and agents. Maybe you’re trying to find a way to shut a few browser windows and import carrier tracking information into your cargo program. BoxOn offers cargo tracking software to improve centralized visibility, get rid of duplicate data entries, cut down on errors, and save time.

Features of cargo Software

  • PODs (delivery notification)
  • Agencies rate management
  • Accounts rate management
  • Cargo waybill creation
  • Agency administration (resellers of services)
  • Account administration (business accounts)
  • Products and services
  • Printing / Barcode labels
  • Multi-currency & multi-measure
  • Bi-dimensional barcode
  • News / notifications / common files on login
  • Truly rule based engine framework
  • Cargo consolidation
  • Cargo report by agent
  • Status and online tracking
  • Email notifications
  • SMS notifications
Take Control of Your Cargo Journey: Optimize, Track, and Manage with Software.