BoxOn offers high data security. Our servers are closely monitored and managed by our team of expert technicians.

BoxOn allows business owners to provide access to their employees as per their designation. They can have complete control over who accesses the information. There are customizable and privilege setting options for the customers which can make it easier for them to different levels of access.

Despite prevalent concerns about the reliability and security of SaaS solutions, the truth is that there have been far fewer service disruptions or security breaches among SaaS vendors than in traditional, on-premise software environments. ISO certified and Microsoft partners company.


  • You can use our web-based, cloud-based BoxOn Logistics Software for your organization – no matter how small or big.
  • You can use our software for your multiple branches with easy individual business database.
  • Import business data from any other system with no difficulty at all.
  • Manage your client’s list effectively and reliably.
  • Gives you control over everything you want (you can control access or give access to whosoever you want. Create multiple logins with a specific username and passwords).
  • Set rights for your employees to read, write or delete the data you wish to.
  • Allow remote access or create logins to your customers or your agents to view the details they require online
  • Send emails of business offers, announcements or business news or invoices, etc. to all your customers or agents at one time or you can select groups and schedule your emails.
  • Dedicated team for training, support and maintenance