7-1Reports are always available for the clients. Clients can drill down or filter the reports they want. They can group down the reports too. They can compare reports with no trouble at all. They can edit or modify as well. Reports can be downloaded in various formats – Excel Sheets, PDFs or CSV format). There is an option to change reports into data exchange formats such as XML.


  • Gain access to reports anytime you want.
  • Generate reports for each shipment.
  • Save or delete reports anytime you want.
  • Save or download any document or report you want in PDF.
  • Send shipment documentation as PDF and save on your Fax Costs.
  • Make reports available for one and all or select who you want to provide the access to view, edit or delete the reports.
  • Filter, or summarize the data for your reports.
  • Advanced filtering option to improve control over the lists and more.
  • Automatically update the documents when the shipment data are updated.
  • Save your time, which is often going in manual documentation.
  • Attach files in any format such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and other to your shipments.
  • Attach documents or images directly from a scanner to your transactions.
  • View and print documents in the format you see on the screen.
  • Graphical Record Status Available.