BoxOn Overview SaaS or on-premises? The choice is yours !!!

Box On has ideally been designed and developed for simplification of the logistical tasks. It is a web-based software which can allow logistics organizations to move on with their logistical tasks with no difficulty at all. Gain in efficiency in operations with its plenty of features.

Our BoxOn Software is available in two different modes for the clients across the globe. Clients can opt for SaaS model (pay as per their use) or they can request for the installation of the software in their own sever (perpetual license). Our software can easily be deployed with less turnaround time, no matter which model you select.

Our power-packed solution is much more suitable for a single to multi-channel organization(s).

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)

Organizations across the globe zero in on SaaS today because of the myriad advantages it offers. No matter to which part of the world you belong to, no matter whether you are running a small or a big organization, if you are focused more on savings and would like to bring efficiency in logistics operations then SaaS is the best model to choose.

SaaS model can just simply be suitable for all types of logistics organizations. Clients who opt for this model do not have to focus more on investing in IT infrastructure or IT management. They do not have to spend more on employing a team for the same. The customers who choose a  SaaS model will have the option to pay as per their use. They can opt for various packages which are there for them. By selecting SaaS model, users can curtail on their IT costs much more easily.

SaaS allows clients to easily move on with their operations without being bothered about maintenance or backup or recovery issues. They do not have to pay attention to upgrading the system or be worried over security issues. The team is always there for their support. Clients can be sure of bringing quality in their business operations with our unique software.

With our software solution (Software-as-a-Service), clients can focus more on their core business operations and be free from all worries. They can have the freedom to go on successfully with no flaw in their business tasks.


Logistics organizations can get our software solution for their use on a license model too. They can get our software installed on their own server and continue to use our software as they require. We offer our clients complete ownership of the software. Our clients can have complete control everything.

Installation of the software on client’s server in their own premises or data centres can be done with no delay at all. The clients will have the responsibility to focus more on all issues pertaining to the use of the software like upgrades, fixes or security issues, etc. Our licensed platform is much more suitable for companies who are bigger in size and have the required manpower and IT facilities.

Our BoxOn solution can be implemented easily within a few days. Clients will not have to wait for too long.

We can deploy our software quicker than you can imagine. No matter which model you choose, you can have the software up and running with no delay at all. Our innovative application can certainly bring for you umpteen number of advantages which you might look for. And what more, our team of specialists is always there for you to help you any time you want.

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