BoxOn is a complete, flawless, end-to-end logistics software for freight forwarders, Custom Brokers, Carrier Agents, NVOCCs, Multi-Model operators, Movers etc. It is the most effective software which has been designed and developed, carrying out years of research on what can actually ease up the logistics processes and can eliminate the inherent inefficiencies in operations.

BoxOn Logistics is available for clients across the globe. Its convenience lies in its cloud computing model which provides the organization access, no matter where they are from. It is a software which can instill accuracy and effectiveness in documentation or in managing anything related to financial and other aspects of the logistics tasks.

BoxOn Cloud-based Software brings to the clients myriad benefits. Clients do not have to invest on buying, building or managing servers. They can simply opt for our cloud-based software and can enhance their business to the limitless extent.

It is highly user-friendly and flexible and scalable enough to help you move on with your business operations as efficiently and seamlessly as you would like to. With BoxOn, data can be shared across different business sectors, thereby companies can bring about a great amount of reduction in right processing and costs. It helps organizations in maintaining flawless records and completely eliminates the risk of errors.

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  • BoxOn is today’s most effective Logistics Software build on newest SaaS technology.
  • It is a highly user-friendly and custom-made software.
  • It is highly rich in multiple functionalities.
  • It rightly helps organizations in focusing on all aspects of the logistic operations from quoting to shipment processes, from billing to collections etc.
  • It helps companies in providing better customer services.
  • It is helpful for all one and all who are grappling with the difficulties in their logistics operations.

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