Why Multi-featured Shipping Software is Essential for Your Business

International Shipping always presents challenges difficult to overcome. It is always important for the shipping operators, or companies, to look for better ways to simplify their day-to-day tasks and bring about a greater level of efficiency in their shipping processes, maximizing their ROI (Returns on Investment).

Why is it important to implement the right technology into your shipping operations?

Many of shipping operators across the globe talk of the multitude of problems that they have to deal with. They find themselves dealing with high charter costs, poor communication, high bunker costs, high labor costs and poor tracking systems, among other things. These are the kinds of issues that can make or break a company depending on how they are handled. Therefore, a shipping solution which can help manage everything related to shipping is all-important.

Shipping software can enable shipping companies, operators and carriers in successfully minimizing their expenses and thus help them achieve higher returns. They can gain significant cost benefits by bringing about a greater amount of reduction in the work involved in moving the cargo to it’s destination with clear-cut automation processes. The software can automate a number of tasks that are much more labor-intensive and time-consuming which include, but are not limited to, inventory, documentation, redundant data entry, invoicing and more.

What to expect when implementing shipping software like BoxOn

As there can be no “one-size-fits-all” product for shipping companies, a customized solution, tailored to each businesses processes and goals, is the best option.

With BoxOn Shipping Software, customers have the opportunity to simplify their shipping tasks much more easily. They can reduce their shipping processing time and track everything related to their shipments as they require, thus helping to eliminate the complexities and errors that often creep into the mix.

BoxOn can easily boost up your staff efficiency and improve business performance.  It is much more customizable and scalable than typical shipping software solutions as it is designed and developed with the intention of helping shipping companies and operators simplify their processes globally and locally.

  • Enhance your shipping processes
  • Reduce shipping processing time
  • Be well informed and save time with effective tracking systems
  • Customize the system to your needs
  • Grow your business without having to change your shipping software
  • Available in two modes – SAAS and On-premises.

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6 Things to Consider when Choosing the Best Shipping Software for your Freight Business

For shipping enterprises, providing quality services to customers is very important. Enterprises will have to focus on various factors, such as providing cost-effective shipping, on-time delivery of packages, local and international trade compliance and proper tracking of shipments, among others. The key to success in any shipping business is being able to meet or exceed the customer’s expectations in these areas, and the easiest way to ensure this is by implementing the right shipping software at the heart of your operations.

Compare your Business Model to the Shipping Software Capabilities
Solution requirements vary greatly depending on the industries you serve, the types of product you ship, the attributes of the products you ship, where you ship to (e.g. local, international) and more. There are various shipping solutions available in the market, but the best one for your business must, at the very least, support these major aspects of your operations. If the software you choose fails to meet the needs of any of these characteristics, you may find yourself taking on more of the workload than necessary. The easiest way to ensure none of these factors will be an issue is to choose a completely customizable software that will scale with your business needs.
Your shipping software should simplify your processes, provide you the information you need to make business decisions and help generate increasing returns from your operations.

1. User-Friendly Design and Ease of Personalization – Your shipping software should be easy to use, easy to be understand and easy to modify. An intuitive user interface and layout not only helps speed up the time required to complete tasks, but also reduces the time invested in training.

2. Deployment options – Depending on the technology infrastructure you have already setup in your business location and your payment preferences, you may find that between on-premise software, SAAS (Software-as-a-Service), or a hybrid of the two, there is a better option for you.

3. Centralized or Distributed Architecture – Depending on your operations and the geography in which your business(es) recides, you may find that all your business locations can use the exact same software configuration (centralized), or that the configuration will need vary (distributed).

4. Integration Options – Many factors, and the combination thereof, will determine what kind of integration options will be needed to create the best software configuration for your business. Perhaps you need to integrate your accounting software to properly track the finances associated with each shipment, or maybe you would like to integrate with the systems used by your preferred shipping partners to reduce the need for external communication and data entry.

5. Associated Costs – You may find that the upfront price of a software solution matches the budget you established, but have you considered the additional cost of implementing the customizations you need in order for it to work properly for your business? Have you considered the amount of time needed to train your staff to use it properly and the labor costs associated with this? Who will be training your staff? Many companies charge an additional fee for training and support. Make sure to consider these costs and more before making a final decision.

6. Support Services – It’s very rare that you will find a software solution for your business that does not, at some point, require some form of support. Whether this is the training mentioned above, some guidance on using new features in product updates or discussing opportunities for customization and improvement, it’s important that the company behind the software be able to meet your needs properly and in a timely fashion.

Are you looking for Shipping Software?
If your answer is YES, then BoxOn Shipping Software may be the right choice for you. Our fully functional shipping software can empower your business, save you time, reduce costs, ensure that you are in compliance with local and international trade regulations and more!

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Boxon Freight forwarding software Miami

Why You Should Use Multi-featured, Cost-effective and Reliable Freight Management Software.

Boxon Freight forwarding software Miami
For many growing freight enterprises, managing and improving freight processes is of top priority in everyday operations. Valuable resources are consistently invested in the name of minimizing expenses and enhancing efficiency. Freight forwarders and other businesses that make use of the latest industry technology are better able to eliminate the difficulties often associated with freight management. 

Freight Management Software creates Unexpected Opportunity

Besides eliminating the need to hire and manage a team of freight experts or the need of setting up smart freight departments, Freight Management Software can enhance freight processes and empower businesses the right way. It can help you in managing everything related to freight. By making use of this software, it can be easier to focus on everything that comes under the sphere of freight management and freight processes.

 Customized Freight Management Software

Freight Management can really be a much more confusing proposition. There will be a multitude of variables that are needed to track down in a variety of locations and times. No matter whether you are operating at a domestic level or at an international level, it is always all-important that you should focus more on how to bring down the costs and bring improvement in the operations so that you do not fall into a pit of unwanted problems.

Eve the smallest negligence can create a lot of problems, so making use of customized freight management software can root out the complexities in business processes and help you streamline your operations in the best way possible.  Effective management of the direct and indirect freight requirements of your business can truly be a determining factor of success in your business. If you make use of tailor-made software then you can easily overcome many of the problems in your business and reliably meet the needs, or go beyond the expectations, of your customers.

  • Reduce your business costs
  • Improve your customer service experience
  • Generate actionable reports
  • Gain full control of your freight operations


BoxOn Freight Management Software – A Smart and Cost-effective Solution

Give your business the competitive edge by making use of our highly innovative BoxOn Freight Management Software. It can effectively reduce extra costs that often go into management of the freight processes. It can bring for you higher returns. It is custom driven software, designed and developed making use of the most avant-garde technology. It is being engineered, keeping in mind high performance business operations, fully based on business requirements of freight companies, their challenges, complexities in the business.

To know more of how our software can help you enhance or manage your freight operations, please, get in touch with us. For FREE DEMO on how our software can benefit your organization, please, click HERE.


PO Box Software – For efficient “tracking of shipments” and all other inseparably crucial logistical operations.

If your company which has now the responsibility to forward the goods which have been ordered online or offline by your customers then it is quint-essential that you shall focus on making use of the most reliable package tracking or shipment tracking system.

There is a need to bring about efficiency in your package tracking process which can be possible only with the use of the latest technology.  A P.O.Box Software can be a right solution for all those who are looking forward to enhance their tracking system and provide their customers a unique experience of taking the services from their organizations.

Why a right, reliable P O BOX Software is the biggest requirement today? 

P O BOX Software can be a right solution for you if you want to get rid of all old-age methods of operation. Step into the tech world to acquire the quality in your tracking process which can provide you immense benefits.

Information about shipments at fingertips (24/7) – With P O BOX software, it can be easier for you to check the status of the shipments anytime you want to.

Unique Tracking Number – The system will generate a unique tracking number which you can use for the tracking of all shipments. With this unique identity number, all of the details can be obtained related to a particular shipment.

Beneficial for you and your clients – It is helpful not just for your employees in enhancing organizational tasks but it also provides a great deal of benefit to your customers as well who would like to check the status of their shipments or other necessary details as they want. You can provide your customers the login credentials as per their account and let them have access to their shipment details as and when they want.

Time-saving solution – P O Box Software can be a time-saver for you and your clients. You can keep all the information available for your clients online through a unique tracking number. Your clients will not have to call you all the time to know more about their shipments. They can just log into their account and get to know about everything they want.

Maintain Clients’ List – Maintain your client’s list with no hassle at all.

Upload or download your data – You can upload or download the data you want.

Transaction Details – Keep all records of transactions made or received with unique transaction module.

Proof of shipments – There will be digital proof of the shipment too which you can forward to your customers.

Security – Your business data will be 100% safe.

Alerts for your customers – Send SMS Alerts to keep your customers updated about everything related to their shipments.


Why BoxOn P O Box?

BoxOn P O Box is a right solution for you. Get to know more about how our PO Box Software can enhance your business operations. Just talk to one of our executives today to know more about our cloud-based, rules-based, multi-featured software.


Avant-garde tech-solutions for freight forwarding organizations – Why rely on Freight Forwarding Software?

Technology always has a vital role to play, no matter what business you are in. Today, success in any business is much more depended on how you make use of the technology.  Specially, for freight forwarder or 3PLs (third-party logistics), it is just as essential as water to life. There can really be no survival if there is no proper use of the technology solutions. Companies that adopt right solutions thrive well in their business whereas those who do not just simply lag behind others. These are the companies that will even vanish in time to come as the world is on a fast track where technology is fueling the success.

Right solutions for Freight Forwarders

If you want to run your freight forwarding business in perfectly a profitable way then it is time that you shall rely on the best freight forwarding software as this can help you out in streamlining all your freight forwarding tasks. You can simply be relaxed and enjoy the workflow with an all-featured freight forwarding software.

Why a cloud-based, rules-based Freight Forwarding Software can be the right solution for you?

A Freight Forwarding Software can always be the right solution for you. It can really help you out to a greater level in enhancing your business to the extent you can’t even dream of.

Cloud-based Solution – First, it is not necessary for you to spend on server setup (You do not have to own a server or hire a tech person for the maintenance of the same). There is really no need of it. A software that is specially a cloud-based one eliminates the need of maintenance or management of the software too. It will be in the cloud so your service provider will take the responsibility of its being perfect. Not, just about this, it can allow you to gain access no matter where you are. You can always get access to the data you want. Everything will be available for your views at the click of the mouse.

Rules-based software is a kind of software that can allow you to make changes as you want. You can have complete control over the software. It eliminates the need of contacting your service provider for every single rule which you would like to bring in your system. If there is any change that you would like to bring in your system then you can do this on your own.

  • 100% data security.
  • No maintenance or management required.
  • Enhance your business operations to the limitless extent.
  • Manage work from anywhere
  • Maintain work flow effectively (inter or intra related business processes)

There can be many advantages for you if you opt for the right freight forwarding software. For the right freight forwarding solutions, just get in touch with BoxOn Logistics. We are the most trusted logistics software providers who have been the source of excellence in business for many of the small or large logistics companies. Just get in touch with us to know more about how our logistics software – Freight Forwarding Software, can be the right solution for you.

Strikingly wonderful features of International PO Box Software – Edging on effectiveness in business operations through PO BOX Software…

PO BOX Software has now become a basic necessity for the effectiveness in the business operations. It has its own role to play which bring about a great number of advantages for the business owners. Here, in the article, we have listed down a few of the basic but strikingly wonderful features of a PO BOX software. PO BOX Software, designed and developed, to bring about great enhancement in business operations, covers up each and every entity of the logistical processes.

Enhancing customer experience

The use of the software can make a lot of work easier to be carried out. It can really enhance to a greater level your customer experience. Quotations can be generated based on the requirements of the clients. You can allow your customers to register and help them in tracing and tracking their own orders effectively.

Account data management

Managing the data can be a tougher task when there are no proper tech-based procedures but now with a quality PO BOX software, it can be much easier to carry on with the account data management processes.

Covers up even minutest details

Your software can cover up even the minutest details that can allow you to move on confidently and transparently. You can have the option to view the details as and when you require and with that too with no hassle at all. Just a few clicks and the information will be able for you to view. You can have the freedom to edit or modify the information as well so as to suit your requirements.

Cloud Solution for PO BOX Software

With cloud-based solution, it can be easier to carry on with the work. It can bring about a greater level of enhancement in logistical operations…

With the availability of the cloud-based solutions, many of the logistics companies see a wonderful opportunity to start making use of the software to enhance their business operations. If you too are wondering what cloud-based software can do for you then we request you to continue reading here. A software in cloud can just simply be used by you without you having to spend more money for the installation or integration of the same with your existing business model. Cloud-based software solution can just be right for you if you are looking forward to simple, hassle-free use of the software without the need of spending more time and money on management of the application.

With the cloud based solution, you can have the freedom to move on without being bothered about the inefficiencies in the processes as you can surely have the chance to get on with improvement in your business processes. You do not even have to be bothered about the security of your data as your data can just be 100% safe. As it is on cloud, so you can have the freedom to gain access from anywhere anytime.

Five Best Wonders of Freight Forwarding Software

For many of the freight forwarding companies, one of the major problems of inconsistency or inefficiency in freight operations lies in failure of effective management which in fact, results from the use of outdated ways of work-handling processes. Nine out of ten companies today are pretty much excelling in their business operations just because of their tech-based approach. Yes, we are here talking about the wonders of making use of technology in order to streamline freight related tasks.

Tech solutions to enhance your freight relates tasks

This is not the age to just rely on traditional means of handling the freight tasks. It is the age of technology and it is requisite to move on with the technological means to gain success in business. A freight forwarding company which makes use of the technology in carrying out all of its freight related tasks excels to the limitless extent in comparison to the companies which do not. A Freight Forwarding Software can just be the right solution to fully eliminate the complexities that lies in effective management of the tasks.

Automation of the business processes

Freight forwarding software can help you automate your freight related tasks and can help you achieve excellence in your business processes. You can easily take your business to the next level by effective, real-time collaboration and interaction and even move on to prevent revenue leakage.

Effective coordination

Every process can be interlinked well no matter internal or external. Vendors, customers, carriers etc can just be well connected in order to enhance the level of communication. Co-ordinated efforts are sure to lead you to success in your freight forwarding business.

Reports at the click of the mouse

Users can have the option to view reports on their freight related tasks at just the click of their mouse. They just do not have to look through piles of records and records to find what they might be looking for in order to find the accuracy in records.

100% authenticity in data

Your data will be 100% error-free and you will have no trouble at all. (There can certainly be no chance of any error creeping into the records. Users can be sure of authenticity in records). You can view your data, edit or download anytime you would like to.

In house server or cloud-based solutions

Customers can have the chance to get the software installed in their server or they can have the chance to opt for cloud-based solution.

Well within your budget

A freight software solution can just be well within your budget. You will not have to shell out more for the software. You can have the chance to get it installed or get it on cloud at very affordable rate.

Rely on Boxon Freight Forwarding Software which is developed specifically for all freight forwarding companies in Miami, Florida, UK. It is built on logistical business excellence and can effectively bring about the level of success you might try to achieve in your business.