Add Ons


Fulfillment Center

BoxOn Fulfillment Center module is designed to help fulfillment centers manage important requirements such as vendor management, inventory management, item warehouse location management, managing surcharges, order fulfillment and order receipts. This module also creates inventory controls, rules for shipping per item and transparency to the 3PL customer to be able to view inventory, where packages are in transit and other important details as well as an API which can automatically pull transactional information from your client’s eCommerce site for the processing of orders.


Agency Module

This model offers an agent portal to login with specific user privileges to follow their customer shipments, billing, rates, commissions and other pertinent information associated with their account in real time. This allows your agents to access required information without the need to contact you for those details. Additional relevant details can be built into the framework per the specifications of the individual agencies on a case by case basis.


Multi Carrier Module

Within this module the FF has the ability to aggregate and view rates from a variety of carriers including UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL and many others. BoxOn users can now, without having to use a multitude of windows and other softwares, quickly assess rates and capabilities from a variety of carriers to make efficient and cost effective real-time decisions…resulting in greater profitability and significant time savings.


Ticketing System Module

Stop putting out fires and start getting ahead of customer issues. With BoxOn’s Ticketing System Module customer support is brought to entirely new level where customer complaints and other issues are easily tracked and resolved through a ticketing system that ensures consistent follow-through, greater customer satisfaction and enhanced client retention.


Sms Module

With this Module, BoxOn users can set up system-based rules to alert agents and customers at key stages in the transactional and shipping continuum. Save time for your employees and keep customers and agents happy and adequately informed with automatic SMS notifications that match their individual requirements.


Quickbooks Integration

With as much as 90% of U.S. Businesses using Quickbooks accounting software, feeding your invoicing data from your logistics software into your accounting software has never been easier. By eliminating the need for reps to work within multiple systems, this BoxOn module creates new efficiencies for your operation and allows for your business to run and access more accurate reporting than ever. Learn more from your systems about which services are in greatest demand and the needs of your clients.