Fulfillment Center Module

  • Easy Management of Consignee
  • Vendor Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Item Location Management
  • Warehouse Management (Zonal or by Location)
  • Estimates
  • Managing Surcharges
  • Order Fulfilment / Ordering Receipts

Agency Module

  • Agency Administration (Resellers of services)
  • Cargo Report by Agent
  • Agency Portal

Multi Carrier Module

This Multi-Carrier Module can greatly enhance the logistics operations and can bring about a great amount of increase in business revenue. This dynamic system can boost up your domestic and international shipping processes and can help you in bringing down the costs involved. This module rightly empowers the shippers with real-time process-related tools that can effectively bring about the kind of advantages as they are looking for. With a single shipping solution interface, the multiple carrier processes can be managed effectively.

With this module, the need for the extra shipping software solution can be warded off. BoxOn supports FedEx®, UPS®, USPS® and many more. With this module, organizations can easily optimize their shipping environment and bring about a great change in their shipping processes. They can have the chance to focus on all entities of the shipping and can save their time too, as the information on anything related to shipping will be available at just a click of the mouse.

Ticket System Module

With this module, it can be easier for the logistics companies, freight forwarders or 3PLs to manage their own ticketing system. They can focus more on priorities, vendor requirements or fulfil customer requests as required and many other things.

Door-To-Door Module

  • Door-to-Door
  • Branch Management
  • Truck Info / Driver Info
  • POD’s

SMS Module

This module can help you keep your customers updated about their packages. With this module, the organizations can send SMSs to their clients to help them know about when it is delivered, when it can be reached, where it will reach etc.

QuickBooks Integration

Connect your Accounting Data with BoxOn to take better decisions in your business. With the availability of all the reports, you can focus more on which services are in demand and what the clients want from you the most etc. You can increase your business revenue only when you know everything about what sells or what doesn’t.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that more than 90% of the businesses use Quick Books to focus well on their accounting system (Integration of the same module can really be a necessity). Perceiving the importance of the same, BoxOn has been designed to help the businesses get on with this tool. BoxOn Software easily allow the integration of Quick Books to help organization’s move on with their accounting processes. By integrating Quick Books with BoxOn Logistics, organizations can easily focus on their accounting processes. This allows the businesses to increase the level of efficiency in their processes and can save their time too.